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In 2004, Ladislav Vizent founded the company Ladislav Vizent – LV which dealt with the import of products of stmp. Marlenka for the Slovak market. In 2006, the company was transformed into a trading company, Gastrom s ro, focused on the sale and distribution of food products.
The main articles are Marlenka and Švéda.
During 12 years of operation on the Slovak market, our company has built a stable position and we are currently operating throughout the Slovak Republic. From 2015, the company began distributing Marlenka in the Republic of Austria. We strive to create fair and long-term business partnerships.
Our brands can be found in large retail chains as well as in smaller regional foods.

GASTROM s.r.o 10 years on the Slovak market

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In 2003, Armen Gevorg Avetisjan and his sister founded Marlenka International, s ro, which produces honey cakes "Marlenka" according to the old-fashioned family recipe.
In honor of the mother and daughter of the owner, Marlenka received the torch. At the time of its inception, the company had 1 employee, which grows dynamically each year (year after year).
Honey cakes are produced without preservatives and synthetic dyes. Thanks to their original recipe and quality raw materials they have an exceptional taste and durability.
Nowadays, the built-up area of ​​the factory is 8000 m2 for an investment of 40 mil. Euro and exports its products to 35 countries of the world.
The annual turnover in 2016 exceeded 16 million. Euro.


Švéda-Quality s.r.o is a family-owned company founded in 2006.
The main objective of the company is to bring quality and tasty meals as well as meat specialties or pastries to the market.
You can find the products of the company on the Czech and Slovak markets in various retail chains as well as smaller family shops.
In the portfolio you can also find a whole range of gluten-free products, which are becoming more and more popular.




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